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Today was fun.                                                                                               Somebody opened the fire exit emergency door.                                                       Loud beeping noise in Star Wars theatre.                                                                Rachel randomly shows up to drop off cookie dough.                                                Can't stop noise.                                                                                                            321651 people come for Star Wars at 4.                                                                       Lots of complaining.                                                                                                  The Fire Department comes.                                                                                       They do shit.                                                                                                             Lee comes.                                                                                                                  It starts to rain.                                                                                                  Mr.Drier comes.                                                                                                     Mass Chaos.                                                                                                             We move the movies round upstairs.                                                                        Kick everyone out of XXX2.                                                                                  Move everyone from Theatre 1 to Theatre 3.                                                           Small complaining.                                                                                                     Can not start Star Wars in theatre 3.                                                                           Random other manager "Tom" comes.                                                                    Mass Chaos.                                                                                                           People complain again.                                                                                            People want refunds.                                                                                                Refunds on their tickets, popcorn and crap.                                                                 We give it to them.                                                                                                        Mass Chaos.                                                                                                           Toby's ulcer or whatever grows to be enormous.                                                         All 369521 refunds are done.                                                                                      All 352469 people leave.                                                                                           The sun comes out.                                                                                                  The locksmith comes.                                                                                                    He was at Dairy Queen.                                                                                             He fixes it.                                                                                                              Everything is ok.                                                                                                        The End.

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