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Weeeeeeeelllllll......how's it hanging at the Fo'?

It's swell. 'G' is gone(thank goodness) we got *new* employees. There's Anthony and Dylan. They seem like pretty cool dudes...but then again....'G' seemed like a pretty cool dude at first...hmmmm..lol Just Kiddin' guys, your awesome. So yea...and we go through more managers than we do actual employees. Let's see...there was Rae, Anna, Nick, Lee, Laura, Toby is one now, and Lynn...some ppl stil work for suncin...some others don't.  But other than that...it's fine here...








RACHEL IS LEAVING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NoOoOoOoOoOo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna miss Rachel. =(

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