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nighttime is the right time

Because, I am sitting home, in my uniform, waiting for my time to go to work, I decided to fill this out. By the way Sara, what new layout are we going to use? I made you guys moderators. Should I fill out an application at layouts_for_lj ? We`ll have to discuss this...


x001x Name:
x002x Age:
x003x Username:cinderchella
x004x Cinema of employment: Mercede
x005x Position at cinema: Concession, Usher...Box sometimes
x006x How often do you work?: Very often
x007x How often are you in trouble at work?: sometimes, not all the time though
x008x Have you recieved employee of the month?: no, that hasn`t been done in a while
x009x Do customers enjoy your prescence?: chaaa...
x010x Name the many stupid things customers do while you`re working: complain about a movie being too loud, ask movie times when they are in their face, ask what movies we have playing when there are three distinct places outside of the theatre they can find that out in, and of course they can`t read.
x011x Whens the last time a manager pissed you off?: wednesday
x012x Have you ever had to clean up a "doodie bomb" in the bathroom?: no, thank god
x013x Have you ever pissed off a customer?: yup, because I wouldn`t give her a hot dog bun.
x014x Do you know what "threading upstairs" really means?: yup, that happens any time Rae visits nick.
x015x How many things are ghettoly rigged at your work?: wayyyyy too many to count
x016x Do you have beef with and of your coworkers( a yes or no answer is suffice!): yes yes yes yes yes
x017x Do you believe that every employee at Sunrise Cinemas is a very "special" individual?: oh yeah...
x018x How many times have you told a manager what to do?: well when a certain ones around all the time....
x019x Have you ever grown jealous of another cinemas facility?: duh, las olas has an escalator, sunrise 11 has customer service, fountains has steps in the front, mizner is located in a cool place with a starbucks a little bit away, a lot of them are just plain better.
x020x Why should you be admittied into the Sunrise Cinemas Fight Club?: i already am

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