yasmin_brain_scelorosis (warsucks) wrote in suncinfight,

I finally get the patience to do this....

Name: Yasmin
x002x Age: 19
x003x Username:warsucks
x004x Cinema of emploument: sunrise 11 by brain, mercede by heart
x005x Position at cinema: usher
x006x How often do you work?: fri-sun
x007x How often are you in trouble at work?: not often at all in months
x008x Have you recieved employee of the month?: No
x009x Do customers enjoy your prescence?: the old ppl think i'm "cute"
x010x Name the many stupid things customers do while you`re working:scream at me for following orders
x011x Whens the last time a manager pissed you off?: uhm...probably nick when he told me to "just leave" and i got in trouble the next day cuz everything was gross
x012x Have you ever had to clean up a "doodie bomb" in the bathroom?: too many times...old people poop to much
x013x Have you ever pissed off a customer?: Yes, and they deserve it.
x014x Do you know what "threading upstairs" really means?:Actually I do, I was told the innuendo at work my first night
x015x How many things are ghettoly rigged at your work?: some bathroom doors, some stuff in the cleaning room that's it
x016x Do you have beef with and of your coworkers( a yes or no answer is suffice!): not really
x017x Do you believe that every employee at Sunrise Cinemas is a very "special" individual?: Of course
x018x How many times have you told a manager what to do?: i haven't...i'm a peon
x019x Have you ever grown jealous of another cinemas facility?: Have you guys SEEN the arcade that Riverfront has???
x020x Why should you be admittied into the Sunrise Cinemas Fight Club?: I clean lots of poopy...♥
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