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Welcome to Sunrise Cinemas

Don`t forget to stop at the concession stand!

Sunrise Cinemas "Fight Club"
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This is a community for anyone who works at sunrise cinemas in south florida and has a live journal.
This is a place for us to complain about work, and much like the movie fight club, this community does not exist. Here are the rules.

1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.
3rd RULE: If someone speaks about this community while on the job, their membership is over.
4th RULE: No managers. Unless it is voted upon and we like them.
5th RULE: In order to join, I will be notified. Once I am notified you will be required to fill out an application and post it as an entry using an Lj cut labeled application. Those already in the club will then vote on you.


x001x Name:
x002x Age:
x003x Username:
x004x Cinema of emploument:
x005x Position at cinema:
x006x How often do you work?:
x007x How often are you in trouble at work?:
x008x Have you recieved employee of the month?:
x009x Do customers enjoy your prescence?:
x010x Name the many stupid things customers do while you`re working:
x011x Whens the last time a manager pissed you off?:
x012x Have you ever had to clean up a "doodie bomb" in the bathroom?:
x013x Have you ever pissed off a customer?:
x014x Do you know what "threading upstairs" really means?:
x015x How many things are ghettoly rigged at your work?:
x016x Do you have beef with and of your coworkers( a yes or no answer is suffice!):
x017x Do you believe that every employee at Sunrise Cinemas is a very "special" individual?:
x018x How many times have you told a manager what to do?:
x019x Have you ever grown jealous of another cinemas facility?:
x020x Why should you be admittied into the Sunrise Cinemas Fight Club?:

If you do not fill out this application completely, you will not be considered for acceptance.
I, by the way, do not have to fill out an application because I created this club.